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Doctor Who and Flesh and Blood Icons
FNB: CE with baby in lap
milieva wrote in castleinthewood
[7] Doctor Who: Father’s Day
[5] Manips
[9] Flesh and Blood


I suppose the subject matter of my fic, Only One Way Out may have finally gotten to my brain a bit. That and I saw an image in an icon I simply had to have which led me to a film that had many lovely scenes of Christopher Eccleston and a baby. I simply couldn’t help myself.

001 002 003
004 005 006
007 008 009
010 011 012
013 014 015
016 017 018
019 020 021

1 & 2: I just love this scene from father’s day.
8 & 9: This is a scene from Flesh and Blood, but I couldn’t help thinking how similar that duvet is to Rose’s. Give you ideas.
10: I actually tried to get it to look like they were in bed together, but I couldn’t get it. Bonus points to anyone who can manage it.
12: I showed 11 to bratflorida while I was working on it. She suggested other pictures scattered, thus this one was born.
13: CE changing nappies… need I say more. ;)
15: Again with the duvet and ideas (see: plotbunnies)
16 – 18: self-explanatory
18: a cut of the original image that sent me on the search for this film.
19: Why do I love the fact the baby is ginger
21: I felt it needed to be done, and I couldn’t help myself.

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Wow. Busy, busy. Nice work.

Ahhhhhhhh! *rolling in icon LOVE* I'm so close to being late to leaving for work (first day on the new start time too!), but I HAD to jump up and down in happiness all over your page. How GREAT are all these? Would it seem obsessive to admit I took them all???? Boyfriend trouble made me LOL, and of course CE with a baby is enough to make me a puddle on the floor. 14 & 15 are made of WIN!! And #12 is a personal favorite...who knew anyone ever listened to me when I chatter on aimlessly?

*hopefully this posts. LJ is having one of it's evil slow/not working days*

Awwwwww......... *ded from the cute*

Snagged a bunch, will credit if used.

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