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Doctor Who Manip Icons (pregnant Rose)
Kiera : pretty blue dress
milieva wrote in castleinthewood
[9] Nine/Rose manip icons


Note: I made this manip for a banner and icon set I created for a fic I will be working on soon and thought I would share some icons I made off of it. I hope you enjoy.

001 002 003
004 005 006
007 008 009

Do not hotlink
Textless icons are not bases, but if you want to use them as such, you only need to ask.
Please credit either milieva or castleinthewood.

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Brilliant work! Love them.

Thank you. I had fun playing with the images.

Oh wow - and a great idea for a fic from these, can I snaffle 2, it's gorgeous work.

Have which ever ones you like. My only requirement is giving me credit. ;)

Hee, Nine... *is distracted*
Ehm, brilliant work! The pictures go very well together! :)

Thank you. My only wish was that the Billie picture I had was larger. It isn't much bigger than what is in the icons.

Have to love paparazzi photos. *laughs*

Snagging #3 with credit =)

Have at it. Glad you like them.

Goodness! Can't wait for the fic!

Thank you. I'll get back to the fic after I finish the second part of the one I am currently working on. It will definitely be quite and adventure.

Such a good manip - 002 and 008 are ♥

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