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Nine/Rose manips and icons
DW: Lessons: BW Rose bath
milieva wrote in castleinthewood
[2] Nine/Rose manips
[9] Nine/Rose icons


I'm currently writing what is hoping to be a very long Nine/Rose fic series, and have been having a grand time playing with photoshop to illustrate it. Some may recognize one of these as the image used in some of my new graphics on my personal journal.

001 002 003
004 005 006
007 008 009



1) Originally created for a banner for my new fic series Lessons on Nesting. The Billie image is from a photoshoot.

2) This was partially inspired by jessalrynn's request for wedding fic on dw_ficsearch. (Ten points to anyone who can name the location in the background)


2, 3, & 6) These are images from the same shoot as the original manip Billie image.

Do not hotlink
Textless icons are not bases, but if you want to use them as such, you only need to ask.
Please credit either milieva or castleinthewood.

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at a guess I'd say Disney World. Do I get cookies now? lovely pics by the way :)

Too general. It's off a specific resort, but not the one they are staying in. ;)

Thanks. I had fun with Photoshop, obviously.

oooh, you made me work for this, I'd better get a reward :P

It's Seabreeze Point, at Disney's Boardwalk Resort

cookies now? lol

Very well. What sort of 'cookies' would you like? ;)

chocolate of course, preferable chocolate cookies, with chocolate chips and chocolate coating, but I'm not greedy, lol

#7 is my makes me want to do dirty nasty things to him... (I really wasn't aware I had a neck fetish, but....whew............damn. Yes. I'm snagging them, and 'course I'll credit you!!!

Hee. I knew someone would like that cut. I like the view of his neck with the hands with the wedding rings around it.

I'm sure Rose is thinking of what things she can do to him as well. ;)

These look awesome Mils! :)

Came here from via the fic search post. Snagged a few of the icons. Will credit if used.

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